School Nursing Services


School Nurses and Health Assistants play a vital role in keeping the school community safe and healthy. 

Our school clinics serve an average of 33 students per day. Reasons students go to the clinic include illness, injury, medication, care for chronic health conditions, anxiety, and routine screenings. 

During the pandemic, our school health team dedicated every Friday to vaccinating our community against COVID-19. 


Forms and Healthcare Plans


School Nurses and Health assistants 

  • Blair Payne, BSN, RN

    Amherst Middle School

  • Charity Peters, BSN, RN

    Amherst County High School

  • Charlotte Jennings, BSN, RN

    Monelison Middle School


  • Sabrina Carter, EMT

    Amelon Elementary School

  • Krystal Tatlock, LPN

    Amherst Elementary School

  • Olivia Snyder, LPN

    Central Elementary School

  • Laurie Terry, EMT

    Elon Elementary School

  • Kristin Welch, P-EMT

    Madison Heights Elementary School

  • Diane Mays, EMT

    Temperance Elementary School