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Dr. Robert J. Arnold 

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 Dr. Robert J. Arnold has been Superintendent of Amherst County Schools since 2018. An educator of 28 years, he began his career as a middle school Life Science teacher at William Campbell Combined School in Campbell County, Va. He later became the principal there in 1998 and served as the Assistant Superintendent in Campbell County Schools from 2009-2017.

Dr. Arnold earned his Bachelor's of Arts from the University of Virginia He also completed his Masters and Doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of Virginia. His recent accolades include 2020 Amherst County Citizen of the Year and 2020 VASS Superintendent of the Year.

 A passionate educator, Dr. Arnold's beliefs and expectations for education and the division center around the following basic tenets:

  • It is the responsibility of ACPS to prepare all students for success post K-12.
  • All students can achieve at high levels if they have equal access to highly skilled teachers and administrators.
  • Educators are most responsible for the successes of our students therefore, the school system and community should support and invest in their development. 

  • A great school system can positively transform a community, therefore, it is essential that the school system engage the collective knowledge and passion of the community.
  • While ACPS has many important stakeholders, our work must always focus first on what is best for our students.
  • Community Engagement

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  • Communication

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