Inclement Weather Postings

Office of the Superintendent

Statement on Inclement Weather

Amherst County Schools operate with the belief school is very important in the life of a child, and learning takes place each day. That being said, there are those days where the weather and road conditions delay or prevent the schools' operation. Families should be aware that due to the large size of the county and the variations in terrain, it is possible to have severe weather in one part of the county and not another, so being aware is crucial.

Weather reports, consultation with local emergency services and police, examination of roadways, checking the area around school buildings, and a host of other steps are taken in the early morning hours when bad weather threatens. The decision to adjust the school division's operating schedule is made at approximately 5:30 a.m. At that time all local media (radio and television) are notified as well as the school division's web site/ home page, and telephone answering system are updated. It is highly recommended that you NOT phone the local school as this may tie up lines needed for school delay/ closure procedures.

Should schools be DELAYED it will always be a two hour delay (effective with the 2013-2014 school year all delays are two hours in length). Children should be at their bus stop two hours later than on a normal school day. Likewise, those students brought to schools by family should arrive two hours later. It should be noted arriving earlier may place the child in a dangerous situation as there is no staff supervision for early arriving students, and building may not be open as yet.

Closures affect all schools within the division (Schools not closed individually, but as a single unit.). Closure information provided by the local media will also carry information for school division employees. Normally, when schools are closed all teachers are not expected to work; however, administrators, maintenance staff, custodians, and other certain mission critical employees would report for duty. Any change on the work status of these special employees will be communicated via local media as well as by direct contact in a means established by the supervisor.

Should there be an EARLY DISMISSAL for any reason, at any time of the day, there is additional need for concern. Parents/guardians should make plans early to address what the child is to do if he/she is returned home earlier than expected due to a school emergency. Going to a neighbor's home, carrying a spare house key, supervision by an older sibling and other such plans cannot be minimized to insure the safety of the individual child.

The goal is the safety of students and employees-working together the goal can be achieved.