The mission and vision in Amherst County Public Schools focuses on excellence in academics, career readiness, and citizenship in every child, every day. 

One way in which we reach every child is by using a multi-tiered system of support. We do this by using Multi Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) which is a data-informed, decision-making framework to create effective learning environments for all students.  


ATSS is the way we align all of the work in the division. Our goal is success for all students, and equally important is addressing the needs of the whole child through behavior competence, academic achievement, and social-emotional wellness. 

When we use this framework, we are using a problem-solving framework to support a three-tiered approach to help all students become career, college, and citizen ready.


Implementation Logic
Divisions and schools determine outcomes or measurable goals for improvement through the analysis of multiple data sources. Data supports all decision making. Decisions are made to select specific evidence based practices and implement them with fidelity based on the needs identified in the data. Systems are put in place to support the adults in the implementation of practices.

As a division, we are excited about implementing this framework as it will enhance our school improvement work and align with our corrective action and school-wide plans.   This framework will build our knowledge as a division to make data-informed decisions to implement instructional practices and interventions across tiers of support.

All ACPS schools have a ATSS (MTSS) implementation team. Reach out to your school administrator for more information about what your child's school is doing to support all students. You can also find more information on the VTSS website: