Our Mission

Every Child, Every Day

Amherst County Public Schools will create a culture that inspires excellence in academics, career readiness and citizenship in every child.

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The Roadmap To Serve Every Child, Every Day

Amherst County Public Schools is committed to equity and success for all students. Our commitment to equity will be achieved by:

  • Building culturally responsive schools comprised of faculty and staff that are reflective of our students and community.
  • Providing all students with access to the resources they need to maximize their academic growth and potential.
  • Identifying and removing barriers in our current policies, procedures, systems, or practices that limit opportunities for our students.
Community EngagementGuiding Statement: Amherst County Public Schools believe that when schools, parents, families, and communities work together to support learning, students are more likely to earn higher grades, attend school more regularly, enroll in higher level programs, and graduate prepared to engage their world.  With these important benefits in mind, it is critical that Amherst County Public Schools commit to forming collaborative partnerships with parents, businesses, and civic organizations in Amherst County.
Human Resources

Guiding Statement: In Amherst County Public Schools, we believe that our employees make the difference in ensuring success for Every Child, Every Day. All students experience a higher level of positive educational outcomes when we: 

  • Recruit and hire effective educators that are representative of the student population
  • Provide meaningful induction and professional development opportunities
  • Provide effective support and mentoring
  • Actively recognize excellent educators
OperationsGuiding Statement: Amherst County Public Schools believes that students should have innovative, safe, and clean learning environments.  We believe the facilities and operations of this division will meet the needs of every child and enable them to be proud of their school, attend regularly, perform at their highest level, and invest in their community.
Student Support

Guiding Statement: Amherst County Public Schools believes that all students should be empowered to achieve academic, career and personal goals they have determined for themselves. In order to support every child in achieving their goals, the needs of the whole child must be met by: 

  • Providing high quality social/emotional support and learning opportunities
  • Ensuring that their physical needs are met
  • Providing access to their school and community according to their unique needs
  • Forming collaborative relationships with students, their families and community
Student OutcomesGuiding Statement: It is the belief of Amherst County Public Schools that all students participate in an educational experience that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of life in an ever-changing world. We believe our responsibility is to instill in students the desire for excellence and the wisdom to seek it in every aspect of their lives.

To that end, we believe that all students must acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible citizenship, productive employment, and lifelong learning.

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