Family Life

Amherst County Public Schools Family Life Education Program is a comprehensive and sequential health curriculum that emphasizes total growth including physical, mental, social, and emotional development. Throughout the content, a set of universally accepted values is stressed which includes abstinence with respect to inappropriate behavior, love and caring, honesty, trust, respect for self and others, self-control, and responsibility for self, others, and community. The following is information by grade level resources. To view these resources, you may contact your local school

In compliance with the mandate of the Virginia General Assembly and Department of Education, components, and goals of the Family Life Education program, Amherst County Public Schools will be teaching the Family Life Curriculum starting the week of April 3, 2023, for Grades 3-10. Grades 3-8 will be separated by gender and grades 9 and 10 will be co-ed. Parents and guardians have the right to review the family life education program offered by their school division, including written and audio-visual educational materials used in the program. Parents and guardians also have the right to excuse their child from all or any part of family life education instruction. Copies of the curriculum material are available in your child’s school office with standards. Click the following link to see the standards per grade level:

Parents and Caregivers will also receive a copy of your child’s family life curriculum objectives attached to an opt-out form prior to the curriculum being taught to your child. If after reviewing the curriculum, you wish your child/children to not participate in all or any part of the Family Life Education instruction, you must complete the opt-out form and return it to the person designated on the form prior to the day of instruction, and your child will then be given an alternate health assignment for the day.

To view these resources, you may contact your local school. To view more information from the Virginia Department of Education, please click on this link: VDOE Family Life Education