Title I Reading

Title I is a federally funded remedial reading program designed to provide extra support to students who are performing below grade level expectations in their reading. Title I is a service provided in each of our elementary schools. The teachers in the program are certified Reading Specialists. The program format is diagnostic prescriptive and follows a schoolwide approach. The specialist identifies the academic needs of a student and then develops a plan to assist the student to develop reading strategies and skills.

The Reading Specialist works very closely with the regular classroom teacher to provide the best opportunities for learning for all students. The format of the program is the in-class model with limited pullout. Each school operates under a plan based upon their needs.

ACPS works to provide parents with multiple opportunities to engage with students in their learning. Various parent workshops and literacy events are offered throughout the school year in each building. Each school level Parent Advisory Committee develops a Parental Involvement Policy to help guide the decisions made in regards to parental involvement.

Be sure to also visit our Parent and Family Literacy Links page for more resources to use at home to support your child's literacy development.

ACPS Title I Overview


Title I Parent Resource Centers

Samples of reading games available in parent centers

Each Title I School houses a Parent Center with materials for parents and families to check out to use at home. These include thematic backpacks with books and activities, board games to reinforce various reading and math concepts, leveled books, and many other interactive materials. Please reach out to the reading specialist(s) in your child's school to take advantage of these resources. 


Sample math games available in parent centers

Sample of history and science content games available in parent centers

A list of reading specialists and their contact information can be found on our Specialized Literacy Personnel webpage.