Complaint of Bullying Form Grades 6-12
Complaint of Bullying Form Grades K-5

Examples of Bullying

Physical Bullying

Physical assaults, such as hitting, pushing, choking, hazing, tripping
Taking items such as money, food, or homework
Damaging belongings such as clothing, school supplies, and school project

Verbal Bullying

Teasing and taunting
Criticizing or ridiculing
Name calling or sarcasm
Starting and spreading rumors
Telling lies
Using sexual innuendoes/comments

Non-Verbal Bullying

Ignoring or excluding on purpose
Mean or inappropriate looks, stares, or glares

Cyber Bullying

Making threats to others on the Internet and chat rooms
Sending cruel or inappropriate email or instant messages
Taking inappropriate photos with cell phone cameras
Posting inappropriate material on web sites meant to damage reputations

How to Report Bullying

Talk with the following:

Your parent(s) or adult family member
Adult you trust
School Administrator
School Counselor
School Psychologist
School Nurse
School Social Worker
School Resource Officer
School Support Staff

Do the following:

Complete a Complaint of Bullying form

All students are subject to the rules listed in the student handbook. Students involved in incidents of bullying will face disciplinary action, including the possibility of long term suspension or expulsion.