Parent Canvas Account Creation Help

To monitor your child's progress in Canvas, you will need an account. The name Canvas has chosen for this role is called an Observer.

You will need what Canvas calls a Student Pairing Code for each of your child's classes. A pairing code is required for each student. As of this writing, the code may come from your student's principal or teacher(s).

Visit to get started. You can find the previous link by visiting the Amherst County Public Schools (ACPS) website, clicking Parents/Students, Curriculum and Instruction, and finally, Canvas Parent Access.

Look for the text that says "Parent of a Canvas User" on the page and click that link.

Fill out all the information on your screen and click "Start Participating".

You should now be logged in and able to observe your children.

To add more Pairing Codes, log into Canvas, Account, Settings, Observing, enter the Pairing Code and click the +Student button.

Please note, information will not be displayed if the course has not started yet.

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