Information regarding benefits can be found below. If you are unable to locate information or have questions regarding benefits, please contact the finance office at (434)946-9340

Tuition Reimbursement Piggy Bank

Tuition reimbursement is provided for all full-time teachers in the amount of $465 per year per three-hour course. (Policy GBP and GBP-R)

Graduate Supplement 

Graduate supplements are available for teachers who are enrolled in an approved graduate program. (Policy GBP and GBP-R) Increments are as follows:

Pencil and Paper$461.00 annually for 9 graduate credit

$918.00 annually for 18 semester hours of graduate credit

$3,762.00 annually for a masters degree

$5,478.00 annually for a masters degree & doctorate.

The Amherst County Public Schools accepts all years of contracted teaching experience in other localities to determine individual rates of pay.

Life Insurance

Group Life insurance is provided for all full-time employees and the premium is paid by the Amherst County School Board. This policy is provided through Minnesota Life in conjunction with the Virginia Retirement System. The amount of insurance is twice the amount of the annual salary raised to the next higher one thousand dollars. The policy provides double payment in the event of accidental death.

Virginia Retirement System

The Virginia Retirement System provides a retirement program for all full-time public school personnel. VRS eligible employees pay 5% of their contracted gross monthly pay toward their Virginia Retirement System monthly contribution.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance coverage is provided for all employees and the premium is paid by the Amherst County School Board. Also, worker's compensation coverage is provided for all employees.


A group health insurance plan is offered to all full-time employees. The School Board funds eighty percent of the cost of the employee-only base plan (KC 30, $1,000 deductible) plus an additional twenty percent of the cost difference for child, spouse or family coverage. Anthem KeyCare is the insuring company - click the link at the top of this page for the most current booklet.

Optional dental and vision plans are available to employees. MetLife and EyeMed are the insuring companies - click the link at the top of this page for the most current booklets.

Tax Sheltered Annuities

Amherst County Public School Employees have the opportunity to invest in tax sheltered annuities through payroll deduction.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available through the Employee Assistance Program of Central Virginia. The Amherst County School Board provides the program to its employees at no cost.

Leave Days

Sick leave is granted on a basis on (1) day for each month of employment, or 10 days for the regular 10-month contract. Sick leave, to a maximum of 90 days, may be transferred from another public school system in Virginia (please refer to School Board Policy GCBD-R and GDBD-R). Sick leave accumulated is unlimited. Two personal leave days per year are available to full-time employees.

Upon retirement from Amherst County Public Schools System, all personnel will be paid for unused sick leave, up to 100 days, earned in Amherst County at the rate of $25.00 per day.

Annual leave, or vacation, is provided for all 12-month employees. (Policy GCBD.)

Professional leave is on a request-grant basis.