Grades 9-12 Social Studies/History

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These standards enable students to examine history and geography from 1500 A.D.(C.E.) to the present, with emphasis on development of the modern world. Geographic influences on history will continue to be explored, but increasing attention will be given to political boundaries that developed with the evolution of nations. Significant attention will be given to the ways in which scientific and technological revolutions created new economic conditions that in turn produced social and political changes. Noteworthy people and events of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries will be emphasized for their strong connections to contemporary issues.

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The standards for Virginia and United States History expand upon the foundational knowledge and skills previously introduced to include the historical development of American ideas and institutions from the Age of Exploration to the present. While continuing to focus on political, geographic, and economic history, the standards provide students with a basic knowledge of American culture through a chronological survey of major issues, movements, people, and events in Virginia and United States history. As a foundation to develop historical thinking skills, students will apply social
science skills to understand the challenges facing the development of the United States. These skills will support the investigation and evaluation of the
fundamental political principles, events, people, and ideas that developed and fostered our American identity and led to our country’s prominence in
world affairs.

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Standards for Virginia and United States Government define the knowledge that enables citizens to participate effectively in civic and economic life. Students will apply social science skills as a foundation to examine fundamental constitutional principles, the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, the political culture, the policy-making process at each level of government, and the characteristics of the United States economy. The standards emphasize an understanding of the duties and responsibilities that facilitate thoughtful and effective participation in the civic life of an increasingly diverse democratic society. The standards also reflect the evolving political and economic roles of Virginia and the United States in the global community.