Blast Off into Summer Reading 2022

Blast Off into Summer Reading


Through our school-wide Title I programs, Amherst County Public Schools is excited to offer a space-themed reading adventure packet for elementary students and families to extend learning opportunities in Summer 2022!


 The best way to get kids learning is to build on their curiosity and interests. Every time you pair a book with an experience, you are giving children an opportunity to learn more about their world. Interesting experiences give kids a broader framework for new information they might encounter in books. When kids have lots of experiences to draw on, they have a better chance of making a connection with what they read! 


 Before leaving school for the summer, each child PreK-5 will receive a space-themed book, as well as an optional Blast Off into Summer Reading activity packet to take home for the summer. In this packet, you will find information to build background knowledge, hands-on activities to engage children in interesting experiences, writing opportunities, and word play activities. We’ve designed the packet to be user-friendly and adaptable. You can use the materials each day for five days in a row, or once a week for five weeks, or any other way you like to add fun learning experiences to your summer.


 By engaging children in literacy activities over the summer, we give them opportunities to build background knowledge, deepen vocabulary, improve reading — and be ready in the fall for a successful school year. Get ready to blast off into an adventure in space!


 Be sure to leave us feedback about these activities using the QR code on your packet or at the link below.

The materials in the ACPS Blast Off into Summer Reading packet were adapted from Reading Rockets Space Rangers. If you liked the activities and want to investigate more, please visit

Blast Off into Summer Reading