2021-2022 Enrollment Forms

Enrollment Forms
Posted on 07/20/2021
Enrollment FormsStarting July 13th, Amherst County Public Schools has made available the enrollment forms for the upcoming school year. Parents/Guardians have the opportunity to complete the forms online instead of completing them manually through the ECollect Forms service. The process is very simple and should be a time saver for everyone involved. Ecollect forms are accessed from your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. Ecollect Forms

No separate login is necessary. Forms are tied to your child’s record and can be accessed from the Ecollect Forms link in the left navigation column. Here you can see all the forms that the school has made available to you. Prior to school beginning, this will be the only link available on the left.

If you do not have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account, you will need to contact your students school to obtain your students access id and access password in order to associate your student to the account you set up in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

To open a specific form, click on the form name within the form list. Above the form is the Form Ribbon. This allows you to move between forms within a category without having to return to the Ecollect Forms page. Use the arrows on either end of the ribbon to scroll to see more forms. Just below the Form Ribbon is the Archive Header. If a form has been previously submitted, the archive header gives you the ability to view these submissions. The rest of the page is the form itself. Fields with the icon are required fields. They must be filled out in order for the form to be submitted.

Once the form is filled out, press the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Your form will be submitted and reloaded. If the form submission was successful, a pop-up window will open thanking you for the submission.

Along with the Submit button is the Save button. Use the Save button if you do not yet want or are not yet able to send the form to the school/district but do not want to re-enter information already filled out. It is recommended that you save a form if you have to step away from your computer, as PowerSchool may log you out for inactivity. Additional directions can be found on the Amherst County Public Schools website under the Parents/Students Heading.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kevin Harrison – Supervisor of Student Data and Assessment at [email protected] or call 434-946-9340.

Link for more information on how to register your student: https://www.amherst.k12.va.us/cms/One.aspx?portalId=12380990&pageId=16330766

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