Parent and Family Literacy Links

We have included various resources for families to use at home to support literacy development. Many of these resources are free to access. Please reach out to the reading specialist in your school or to our Division Literacy Support Specialist for more information or additional resources.

  • VDOE Literacy Resources for Families and Communities

    The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) as compiled a list of resources for families to support the literacy needs of their children.
  • VDOE Parent & Caregiver Resources for Growth Assessments

    Information for parents from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) regarding growth assessments, including how to interpret the results and resources to support children.
  • Literacy Links Newsletters

    Check out our monthly Literacy Links Newsletters! Each month we will share tips/strategies parents can use at home to help develop their children's literacy skills.
  • ACPS Summer Reading Adventures

    Check out the ACPS Bird Buddies Summer Reading page to learn more about our bird-themed summer reading adventure!
  • Read Across Amherst Careers Storybook

    Check out the ACPS Read Across Amherst Careers Storybook featuring local careers for each letter of the alphabet. Inside you'll find community members highlighting their career and explaining how literacy skills are used in their day-to-day job responsibilities. We've also linked related career books and career cluster information for students and families to learn more together.  
  • Reading Rockets

    Reading Rockets provides parents and teachers with strategies to support readers. 
  • Ad Lit is resource for parents and teachers of students in grades 4-12. Adlit includes information on how to support all types of readers. 
  • PBS For Parents

    Visit PBS for Parents to find games and activities for children ages 2-8.  PBS Parents includes activities to support not only literacy development, but also for other areas such as math and science.
  • Raising Readers

    Raising Readers is a resource to help expand one's knowledge with how to support early literacy skills. 
  • Storytime Online

    Storytime Online provides access to books read aloud by actors.
  • Smithsonian Tween Tribune

    The Tween Tribune provides an assortment of online texts for students ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade. 
  • PALS Activities for Parents

    PALS provides parents with activities to help support literacy development at home. 
  • VKRP Parent Tips

    VKRP helps to support our understanding of school readiness in four key areas: literacy, mathematics, social skills, and self-regulation. This page provides parents with ways to support each of these areas.
  • Read, Write, Think provides parents with reading and language arts resources to support students in grades K-12.  
  • UFLI Parent Resource Hub

    A collection of web-based language and literacy resources that range from birth to grade 12.
  • Colorin Colorado

    A link that provides bilingual parent resources and offers tips on helping your child learn to read, succeed in school, and learn a new language.
  • Unite for Literacy

    Unite for Literacy is a website that offers a ebook library for young readers.
  • Wonderopolis

    Welcome to Wonderopolis, a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Each day, we pose an intriguing question—the Wonder of the Day®—and explore it in a variety of ways.
  • Amherst County Public Library

    Come visit the Amherst County Public Library's website. There are two library facilities -- one in Amherst and one in Madison Heights. Get your library card so you can check out books!
  • Indianapolis Library Free Read Alouds

    Over 100 free read aloud videos available on the Indianapolis Public Library's webpage.
  • Storytime from Space

    Listen to real-life astronauts read stories from space!
  • Oxford Owl

    Oxford Owl’s free eBook library for children was developed for children aged 3–11 years old, with the goal of helping children learn and love to read. If you’re not sure which level is appropriate for your child, you can start by having them take a simple test.
  • Free Kids Books offers hundreds of titles for toddlers, children, older children, and young adults that can be downloaded for free as PDFs or read online.