Remote Learning Videos

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For more information, visit this link. You can find the page by clicking Parents/Students at the top, then look for Canvas in alphabetical order.

Many have asked what remote will look like in ACPS. Below you will find four videos that walk a parent through what remote learning will look like for Amherst County Public Schools using Virtual Virginia. Any student who has poor or no internet service will have access to the content. It will be downloaded on a flash drive and/or given to a student in a packet weekly. Pacing for a 100% remote student will be the same as a student receiving face to face (F2F) instruction. Details about how a student with poor or no internet service will turn in assignments for grades are currently being finalized.

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How to Access Google Classroom Content for Offline Use

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How a Student May Access Canvas

How to Submit Assignments in Canvas:

How to Submit an Assignment Using the Text Box

How to Submit Assignments Using a File

How to Submit Assignments Using a Video

Student View Uploading Google Drive File to Canvas

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How to Download Canvas Video Content for Offline Learning

How to Download Canvas Content for Offline Learning Written PDF Directions

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Navigating Google Classroom for Parents & Students

What is TextAid and how do I use it in Canvas and Google Classroom?

How do I sign up for a Canvas account as a parent?

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Read Speak Feature for Canvas

Spanish Access for Canvas

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Canvas Overview for Students

Canvas 101 for Parents

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Help your Child Succeed

Navigating Canvas

Elementary Virtual VA Content