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The Overarching objective of science Instruction in Amherst county public schools

The overarching objective of all science instruction in Amherst County Public Schools is to create and lead an environment where every child is questioning, exploring, and discovering new things every day. The Science and Engineering Practices reflected in the 2018 Science Standards of Learning describe behaviors that scientists engage in as they investigate the natural world and the practices that engineers use as they design and build models and systems.

Science utilizes observation and experimentation along with existing scientific knowledge, mathematics, and engineering technologies to answer questions about the natural world.  The scientific method, which includes systematic observation, measurement, and experimentation as well as the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses, is used as scientists investigate the natural world. Engineering employs existing scientific knowledge, mathematics, and technology to create, design, and develop new devices, objects, or technology to meet the needs of society. Engineers apply science and mathematics as they engage in the Engineering Design Process.


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