Teacher Support

The Amherst County Public Schools offer strong induction, mentoring, support, and professional growth opportunities for teachers new to the school division.

Our Mentor Teacher Program provides optimal support from veteran teachers who have been trained to serve as mentors. This is a collaborative program designed to assist pre-service teachers and beginning teachers to make a successful transition into full-time teaching. To find out more, click the Teacher Mentor link on the Human Resources page of our website.

Teacher leadership is important in the Amherst County Public Schools; therefore, teachers have many opportunities to learn and take the lead as educators. Leadership opportunities are available for teachers who are interested in writing curriculum, serving as mentor teachers, conducting in-service trainings, serving on leadership teams, chairing departments, writing grants, and serving on division wide committees in areas such as literacy/numeracy development and technology.

In-service opportunities for teachers are provided through division wide staff development and site based staff development activities targeted to meet the specific needs of our educators. Amherst County Public School teachers have opportunities to attend local, state, and national conferences in their areas of expertise. Additionally, the school division sponsors professional growth opportunities throughout each school year.

The Amherst County Public School Division is located near a number of excellent colleges and universities. They include:

Sweet Briar College (Amherst)
University of Virginia (Charlottesville)
Longwood University (Farmville)
Randolph College (Lynchburg)
University of Lynchburg (Lynchburg)
Liberty University (Lynchburg)
Central Virginia Community College (Lynchburg)

These institutions of higher learning are located within fifty minutes or less from Amherst, Virginia.