A Message from the Superintendent
Over the next few weeks, the school division will once again enter the “home stretch” for the annual testing season.  The Standard of Learning (SOL) tests are a large part of our assessment program, and have major ramifications for all schools and the school division.  This has been a challenging spring for ACPS, while the weather has been unexpectedly mild illness has made school attendance for students and staff a real issue. Now that health issues are decreasing, I would ask that you assist us by making certain that your child is in school every day.  As a team we will be able to not only assist our young people, but earn the best scores possible.
As you look at the calendar, once testing is complete there is a rush toward the end of the school year.  Spring Break, end-of-year events, graduation all come as a blur, but it is an exceptionally exciting time.  I wish to thank you for the support and engagement you have provided your young person this year.  Our success as a school division is based on the concept that we are all working toward the same goal of providing the best instructional experience possible to every child- every day.
As the year winds down, we cannot afford to drop our efforts toward all young people learning up to the last day. Please help me by continuing to make education a centerpiece in your family’s efforts to provide the best for our child through public education. Please continue in your efforts to support a strong reading effort within your home by reading to your smallest, and having conversations with your older children about what they’ve read.  I continue to remind all parents and guardians that the key to success in school throughout an academic career is the ability to read well. 
Again, as this busy season picks up its pace, please work with me and all of the educators of ACPS in making “the main thing- the main thing!” That main thing you ask?  Is your child’s learning. Together we will achieve great things and provide the best for all our young people.
Thank you. 

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Dr. Steven Nichols