Project Impact

Nichole Dowdy

Project Impact

Name:  Nichole Dowdy

School: Amherst Elementary

Grade/Subjects Taught:  5th Grade Science/Language Arts

Experience: 19 years teaching 1st, 4th, and 5th Grades

                       Mentor Teacher for 10 years

College Degree: B.S. from Radford University in Interdisciplinary Studies

How do you live “Every Child, Every Day?”: I have experienced that the relationships that are formed between a teacher and their students can last longer than their time in the classroom.  I believe in building these relationships from day one.  If a student feels safe, comfortable, and respected by their teacher, that lays a foundation for trust and learning. What an amazing feeling it is when a student wants to do well and succeed for you, their teacher.  I have learned that this is not limited to just the classroom, being involved in our community and our students seeing us being good citizens and good role models leaves a lasting impression.  

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