Project Impact

Misty Santini

Project Impact

Name: Misty Santini

School: Central Elementary School

Grade/Subjects taught: Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten


I started my career working in a weekday Christian preschool in my home town of Southport, N.C. I immediately fell in love with working, teaching, and providing for young children and decided to go back to school to be a teacher. During college, I worked with the Child Development Center located in Wilmington, N.C., several private child care facilities, and in two different kindergarten classrooms, one of which being my internship. I am now in the middle of my second year teaching Pre-Kindergarten at Central Elementary School.


I worked with the Brunswick Community College adult education program to obtain my G.E.D. at the age of 28. I immediately entered into the community college pursuing a 2 year transferable degree in Early Childhood Education. After graduating with honors, applying and being accepted, I immediately continued my education at The University of North Carolina at Wilmington. In December 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in The Education of Young Children (EYC).

How do you live “every child, every day”?

I think the only way to live “every child, very day” is to LOVE what you do, to honestly care for each child you encounter and each family you work with. I approach each day and each child with a clean slate. I am a teacher but I am also many other things. I am a cheerleader, a coach, a nurse, a caregiver, and a nurturer all rolled into one. My job does not end when I leave school because my students find their way into my heart. I think of them at night, on the weekends, and even dream of them. I think of strategies to be used, lessons to be planned, prepared, and taught, engaging and fun activities to be enjoyed, and support that needs to be given. Living “every child, every day” is not just Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:00. It is a mission that is in my heart and soul. It never leaves me no matter where I am.

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