Project Impact

Mike Cargill

Project Impact

Name: Mike Cargill


  • Amherst County High School
  • Amherst Middle School
  • Monelison Middle School

Grade/Subjects Taught: (Currently)

  1. Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ACHS, AMS, MMS)
  2. Television & Media Production Teacher (ACHS)
  3. Amherst Lancers Tech Club Advisor - After-School Instruction (ACHS, AMS, MMS)


  • Amherst County Public School - 15 years
    • ITRT experience in 5 schools with ACPS
      • Amherst County High School (4 years)
      • Amherst Middle School (15 years)
      • Monelison Middle School (13 years)
      • Amherst Educational Center (2 years)
      • Central Elementary School (2 years)
      • (ITRTs) model and provide teachers the support they need to successfully implement instructional technology initiatives at the school level and to effectively use technology to engage students in the learning process.
    • Television & Media Production teaching experience
      • Amherst County High School (3 years)
      • Students in TVMP1 & TVMP2 learn how to think and work like media producers by engaging in hands-on production projects. Students also gain proficiency with the media production process while using industry-standard tools. They explore jobs and careers in the dynamic and growing industry of television and media production and understand the impact of media and its function as entertainment, persuasion, information, and instruction.
    • Amherst Lancers Tech Club Advisor - Founder and advisor to a after-school club whose mission is to provide our students with unique opportunities to learn about photography and video in a real world setting. Hands on experiences are what make learning fun and educational. Students will experience how to video various events with professional equipment. Many of these events will be streamed LIVE through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for their fellow students, our faculty and staff and to our community as a whole.
      • Amherst County Public Schools ( 15 years)
      • Amherst County High School
      • Amherst Middle School
      • Monelison Middle School
  • Liberty University - (10 years) Worked at Head Athletic Trainer for Liberty University Football and taught though hands-on experiences undergraduate students in the field of Sports Medicine. Was Athletic Trainer for Men’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer and Men’s Baseball.
  • Bedford County Public School - (2 years) Taught Health & PE and Drivers Education (Classroom). Founded the Athletic Training program at JFHS which was adoptied in all BCPS High Schools in my second year.


  • Lynchburg College
    • Master in Educational Leadership
    • August 2007
  • Central Virginia Community College
    • Endorsement in Computer Keyboarding
    • July 2003
  • Liberty University
    • Bachelors of Science - Physical Education NK-12
    • Minor/Concentration - Athletic Training
    • May 1987

How do you live “Every Child Every Day”?

I live what I teach. Learning and growing are a part of my daily life and my goal is for my students to develop that same mindset.  I believe learning is applying theory to practice.  Students need relevance, a personal connection to the material learned. We get out in the community monthly, weekly, daily and use what is learned at our school and within the community.  I feed off my students’ excitement.  That means my students and I are a team.  We are growing, learning, evolving and anticipating the great opportunities that lie ahead. They keep me on my toes. It’s about the kids, not me!  

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