Project Impact

Jessica Harrell

Project Impact

Name: Linda Zabloski

School: Amherst Middle School

Grade/ Subjects Taught:

                Grade 6: Adv Math, US History/ Grade 8 AP Algebra

Experience: 32 years (12 in Amherst County)

College/ Degree: Bachelor’s of Science from Pensacola Christian College

How do you live “Every Child, Every Day”

Every child I teach is different and every day teaching middle school is definitely different.  That is what has kept me passionate about being a teacher for 32 years.

My desire is to inspire each of my students to reach their potential, and for them to see all that the future has to hold. 

I want them to love learning.  Yes, math and history, but more importantly just love to learn.  One of the ways I encourage this is by being involved in extra curricular activities.  As one of the volunteer sponsors of the drama club,  it is my privilege to see middle school students perform in ways they never thought possible.  They are willing to take risks and enjoy the process.  Directing our annual talent show reminds me of the amazing abilities waiting to be expressed.

Every day I arrive at Amherst Middle School and serve with dedicated colleagues, supportive administration, and ever changing middle school students.

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