Project Impact

Linda Moorefield


Name:     Linda Moorefield

School:    Madison Heights Elementary

Grade/Subjects Taught:   Preschool

Experience:  22 years – all with ACPS

College/Degree:   Bachelor of Science – PREK -3 from Longwood University

When I hear the phrase, “EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY”, the word “every” is used twice giving it more weight in its meaning.  As a PREK teacher, I have focused on “every” aspect of the child’s life to include family and emotional support while preparing the child for Kindergarten academically and socially.

Today’s students come from diverse backgrounds and educators have a responsibility to meet them child where they are.  It’s important for parents/guardians to understand that THEY are their child’s first teacher (from birth) and I am now their second teacher.  The connection between home and school must be strong from the start and my goal is to set the tone in preschool that will follow the child and their family throughout the school years.  Communication plays a vital role in building relationships.  We are a team and both want the best outcomes.

Four year olds are learning to regulate their emotions and when a child enters preschool, it is most likely the first time they have had to socialize in a group setting for any given length of time.  Learning to express emotions appropriately is vital to the child’s learning environment.  Teaching a child to STOP, THINK and then ACT is something that we practice daily within the classroom.  We discuss the problem and possible solutions.  Modeling this gives students lifelong skills that will go with them beyond their education.  

My goal is to meet every child where they are every day and equip them with the tools and skills they need to grow as learners and citizens now and into the future

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