Project Impact

Lauren Balint

Name:  Lauren Balint

Schools:  Elon Elementary and Temperance Elementary

Grade/Subject Taught:  Pre-K through 5th Grade, Art Education

Experience:  7 years, all in ACPS

College/Degree:  Mercyhurst College, Bachelors of Art in Art Education, K-12

How I live “Every Child, Every Day”:

I live “Every Child, Every Day” by teaching the majority of my students using the Choice-Based Art Method and incorporating elements of this method in all of lessons.  I believe that teaching using choice allows my students to be more creative, more responsible, and more involved with their learning.  Using this method, my students become artists and my art room, their studio.  I teach the skill and techniques needed, but my artists select their materials and the subject of their projects.  The process of creating projects is more student-directed; they plan their project in their sketchbook, practice or explore skills, create their project, reflect on it and share their artwork with their peers - just as real artist do.  Because my students are more involved in their learning, conversation between students is much more meaningful, and students teach and learn from each other.

Currently my artists are getting ready for their art show.  They have already selected and mounted their artwork.  They wrote artist statements for their art work and soon they will be hanging it.  We are also working on a whole school collaborative mural that will be hung.  I believe by having each student  involved in making the art show they take ownership of their work, and the students are proud of the work they have accomplished. 

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