Project Impact

Jessica Harrell

Project Impact

Name: Jessica Harrell

School: Madison Heights Elementary

Grade/Subjects Taught: K-5 (School Counselor)

Experience: Amherst County Public Schools- School Counselor- 2 ½ years                                            

Horizon Behavioral Health- Clinician Counselor for Day Treatment - 9 years                                        

Bedford County Group home- Visitation Coordinator/ House parent - 2 years                                                                                     

College/Degree: Liberty University- Masters of Education in School Counseling 

Bachelor of Science in Psychology: Child & Adol Dev                                                                                                                                

How do you live “Every Child, Every Day"? I’ve always had a passion and a drive for working with kids and helping others. I truly love all my students and it’s an honor to be apart of their lives everyday. I provide emotional support and skill building during some traumatic times for these students. I want them to know that there’s someone that they can come to no matter what the situation. I want them to know that there’s always hope and that they can always rise above whatever they face.                                                                                                                                          Every child every day is not just a job. It’s an ongoing goal, and purpose for what I do.  It’s my promise to advocate and be there for my students and their families. It means meeting them where they are and helping them overcome whatever barrier is in the way. Every child every day is means smiling with them and celebrating their successes. I’m dedicated to working with our students to succeed within the areas of personal, social, career and academic domains. Every child everyday is a team effort for all stakeholders dedicated to hard work, ethical practices, teamwork, and a growth mindset attitude. I’m grateful to work alongside so many who are dedicated to our students. I’m proud to be apart of the Amherst County family and I look forward to continuing to live every child, every day.

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