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Ernest Penn

Ernest Penn

Amherst Education Center

20 years experience as Administrator of the alternative education program.  

1984 graduate of Ferrum College and 1987 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University

It is my belief that all students can learn. The question is, “How can we provide a curriculum and program to fit the need of the students?”  

I believe that the curriculum is more than the content and skills covered in the academic courses. Rather, it is the sum of all parts of a school's total educational program. My goal is to minister to the needs of the whole child in addition to serving the needs of the student. My desire is for Amherst Education Center to have a positive impact on the educational experience of all students and to make a difference in their lives. I am committed to providing educational experiences and opportunities for students to be successful regardless of how and why they have entered this program. My goal, along with the goal of ACPS, is to meet the need of "Every Child, Every Day."

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