Project Impact

Bobbie Campbell

Name: Bobbie Campbell

School: Temperance Elementary School

Role at school: School Secretary

Experience in the job: I have been the school secretary at Temperance for the past 14 years. 

How do you live "Every Child, Every Day"? 

I am thankful to not only work in the Temperance community but to also live here.  The students, parents, substitutes, community members, faculty and staff at Temperance Elementary School are some of the very best!  I look forward to seeing these faces each and every day.  I believe it takes a village/community to educate our kids; no one person is more significant than another.  Since my face is one of the first that our families see when coming through the front door, I want them to see a friendly one.  I hope that everyone that enters the front door at Temperance Elementary feels welcome and part of our family. The kids here are awesome and make my job super rewarding!  I love celebrating their successes with high fives and hugs and always want them to know that I am here to offer comfort when they encounter tough times. I always try to create and positive learning environment and am willing to lend a helping hand.  Living “Every Child, Every Day” is a blessing!  I wake up each morning knowing that I’m part of a team and we are building some pretty great tomorrows.

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