Project Impact

Blair Paine

Name: Blair Payne

School: Amherst Middle School

Role: School Nurse    

Experience: 16 years total (2 with AMS)

How do you live “Every Child, Every Day”?

As the school nurse, I am in charge of student, faculty, and staff health and well-being. I often see students when they feel their worst.  My main goal is to make students as comfortable as possible until they can have family pick up where I left off.  I also work with parents to make sure they feel comfortable leaving their children in my care.

Although, I can sometimes feel like a detective trying to get to the root of their specific illness, I firmly believe that each student is mine until they leave out the doors for the day.  I educate students on healthy lifestyle choices, provide hygiene supplies, extra clothing or school supplies when needed.  I coordinate with parents, teachers, guidance and administration as needed.   Recently, when a student was routinely screened for vision abnormalities it was discovered that she needed corrective lenses. This student’s family was not able to afford corrective lenses. I was able to work with the Lion’s Club and they were able to help her purchase lenses. This student and their family were so appreciative and the student is now doing better with her school work.

Another huge part of my job is providing emotional support to students. Helping students navigate their emotions and learn how to voice their feelings in an appropriate manner.   I often find myself in the role of sounding board for students who just need someone to listen.  If students are not emotionally and physically well, they will not be productive.  I feel it is my responsibility to make sure they arrive home healthy each day.

This year I am happy to be co-teaching a monthly club for 6th graders.  Mrs. Gaston and I teach a “Nursing Club,” we go over a different nursing topic monthly. So far this year we have gone over the Heimlich maneuver and proper hand hygiene.

I live in this community, my children attend school in this community, I want to pour myself into this community and invest in the future of these students. They are our future. 

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