Project Impact

Amanda Cassise

Name:  Mandy Cassise

School:  Amelon Elementary School

Grade/Subjects Taught:  5th grade science and social studies

Experience:  I have been teaching in Amherst County for sixteen years.  I have been a fourth grade teacher, an eighth grade physical science teacher, and currently a fifth grade teacher.


  • University of Virginia B.A. in psychology and M.A. in teaching 
  • Currently taking courses for an endorsement in administration
  • Working on a doctorate in educational leadership at the University of Lynchburg

How do you live “Every child, every day”?:

Every child implies those students I do teach, don’t teach, and will teach.  It is important for me to set a proper example for students throughout the school in the hallway, cafeteria, and the classroom.  Furthermore, it means building a rapport with each individual student and forming relationships with their parents to ensure their child’s success

Every day means providing support and encouragement, not only in the classroom, but in the community.  Children see their educators as mentors and leaders that they trust to lead them in the right direction.  Every day suggests that I am to be that person in any setting in which I may interact with a student.

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