Radon Phase 1 Retests Completed

The Amherst County Public Schools have completed Phase 1 of the radon testing outlined in the public information sheet released earlier in March 2017 (posted earlier on the ACPS homepage).  Phase 1 is the retesting of classrooms and spaces within various schools where the school division does not have full documentation, or there were slightly elevated levels of radon detected earlier.  Those retests have been completed following established protocols set in state and federal guidelines.  Phase 2 will involve the testing of all other rooms and spaces as the new HVAC equipment comes on line.  The testing for radon must be completed during “heating season” (November through March), so retesting has concluded until November. Testing during the “heating season” is required because the buildings are more closed to outside colder air when heat is operational.

At the conclusion of Phase I, there are no results for Amherst Education Center, Amherst Elementary School, Madison Heights Elementary School, and Temperance Elementary School as the above mentioned “heating season” (November- March) ended before the school division could test.  These areas that were not tested simply because there wasn’t time will be addressed as quickly as possible once testing is again allowed. 

Shown below are the data for the rooms/ spaces tested during March 2017.  To interpret these data, remember the number considered to be critical in radon testing is 4.0 pCi/L. In the chart below, you will find the radon data shown in the column headed pCi/L.  You will note that no classroom/ space retested in Phase 1 is close to this critical number.  This indicates the levels of radon are low, with the exposure risk low as well.

The evaluation of the radon collection devices and preparation of the data report was completed by the specialty firm, Air Chek.  Questions regarding any aspects of this project should be directed to Mr. Wayne Cocke, Supervisor of Maintenance (wcocke@amherst.k12.va.us or 434-946-9709.   

Radon Data 1

Radon Data 2

Radon Data 3

Radon Data 4

Radon Data 5