Welcome Back ACPS Family

School Board Meeting Thursday, September 25, 2014

A School Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 6:00 PM in the board room of the School Administration Office.

Efficiency Study Presentation and Report

New School Websites

Dear Parents, Staff and Community,
The new school websites have been launched. Why the change you might ask? For our parents and guardians the plan is to make the school websites uniform and similar in layout. The thought behind this is if a parent has children in more than one school they can easily navigate across multiple sites when looking for the same information. It has been years since the launch of the old sites and it is time for a new look and feel.

Welcome to the new ACPS Website

Much of what has changed is the look and feel. For the most part, the content has not changed or moved. One big change however is our menu structure. The main menu – School Board, Administration, Schools, etc. – has one new addition, Academics. The secondary menu, along with some new links, is now in a menu on the left named Find it Here. Students and Staff will want to take notice of the menu under Find It Here, aptly named Students and Staff. Here links to Email, the Help Desk and others can be found. Lastly, a new menu named Get Involved can be found under the Students and Staff menu.