Radon Information

Recent news articles have raised issues regarding the public school’s approach to radon testing. The current authority for radon testing is the Environmental Protection Agency (https://www.epa.gov/iaq-schools/managing-radon-schools).
The Commonwealth of Virginia has developed its procedures for schools from that federal guidance.  Presently, ACPS is in compliance with the state requirements for testing through the Virginia Department of Health.  The data and results from all testing has been submitted to that department.  Test results, once within the federally acceptable levels, are typically not retested. The written record of previous ACPS testing is available for examination at the Maintenance Department (adjacent to the Bus Garage) during typical business hours.  If an area of the building failed to meet the acceptable level, it was retested.  This happened in fewer than a half dozen spots across the division under the previous testing, they were retested, and passed.
As most citizens are aware, ACPS is now in the midst of a major replacement project of all HVAC systems within the school division. As each school project is completed testing will be done again. As the project work at Amelon and Madison Heights ES are near full completion, testing will be completed there. Testing will be conducted by ACPS technicians who will undergo state provided training (under the supervision of the Virginia Department of Health), with the results to be made available. This self-testing is permitted by state regulations. Should any issues be identified after the new equipment is fully installed, it would be immediately addressed by the contractor still on site.
However, as mentioned above, in a review of earlier testing, fewer than six spots within the entire school division had a test that required retesting.  Although they met the limits upon retesting, theseareas will be retested prior to project completion.  Additionally, any area of any school for which we do not have clear written documentation will be retested as soon as possible, under appropriate protocols.While there are few without full documentation, this action is taken out of an abundance of caution.  Those results will be made available upon completion.
It is the intent of this school division to be responsive to these concerns.  There is full confidence that once the HVAC project is completed the matter will be fully resolved via new equipment, full documentation, and state approval.
Last Update: 03/01/2017