ARA Schedule Updates

Hello Lancer Families,

If you are receiving this email your student is currently enrolled in our Amherst Remote Academy.  This year in switching from a 7 period schedule to a 4x4 block schedule students had the flexibility to pick up an additional class going from taking 7 courses to 8 courses.  Due to the materials used to teach some of the elective classes, a few of these courses were not offered remotely.  Because of this and the addition of an extra course, students may have been placed into elective classes that they may or may not have requested last year.  In an effort to alleviate this and support our students who are taking classes in ARA we are dropping the required 8 courses for the students to take to 7.  These would only be elective classes that would be dropped and students would still be required to take all of their core classes.  The course being dropped can be first semester or second semester.  Because this is an additional class added, dropping it would not affect what a student would need to graduate.

Please click on the Google form below in order to let our counselors know which elective course you would like to have dropped since most of our students have more than one elective.  Below is the email address for your school counselor if you have any questions or concerns.  

Thank you.  

9th Grade Elective Course Drop Form

Mrs. McCrea - Students A-C

Mrs. Meade - Students D-J

Mrs. Clark - Students K-Ro

Mrs. Thomas - Students Ru-Z